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The main focus of our motivated team is to ensure you have a pleasant stay in our hotel. Each and every employee shares a passion for good service and daily interactions with their guests.

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Astrid Hauser

Hotel Manager
Hotel am Campus in Ingolstadt

Astrid Hauser grew up in the beautiful Harz mountains and after more than twelve years in aviation (including on a private jet with home base in Cairo/Egypt & VIP flights all around the world), she came to Ingolstadt in 2009, where she lives with her spouse.

Following a number of positions in various hotels (such as Hotel Four Seasons Kempinski Munich) and studies in hotel administration and revenue management for the hotel industry, it was in 2017 that she initiated plans and preparations for the “Hotel am Campus” (hotel on the campus)” project, which she has led since its opening in July 2018.

During her free time, the long-distance runner is a football enthusiast and supports FC Ingolstadt and Bayern Munich. She also loves travelling by ship and has experienced the “Europa 2”.

Besides the hotel opening, one of her biggest highlights was attending the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney and a trip to the Antarctic.

Ina Matutta

Deputy Hotel Manager
Hotel am Campus in Ingolstadt

Ina Matutta,

grew up in beautiful Saxony-Anhalt.

She completed her training to become a hotel manageress in Freyburg, the origin of Rotkäppchen sparkling wine – in Germany’s most northerly wine-growing region – Saale-Unstrut.

In 2013 love brought her to Ingolstadt.

Working in the hotel and interacting with guests is always a pleasure for her. Having started out in the service and housekeeping divisions, the switch to a city hotel presented her with a new challenge – working on reception. Since then, Ina has continued to scale new heights. She has occupied the position of “Deputy Hotel Manager” at the Hotel am Campus since December 2018.

Her greatest passion is equestrian sports. While she also enjoys attending concerts and FC Bayern München and FC Ingolstadt matches.

Meeting Bastian Schweinsteiger during his farewell game in August 2018 was an unforgettable experience. She never fails to rave about having been allowed to take a photo with him.

After giving birth to her son in April 2021, Ms Matutta returned to the team in October 2022.

Franziska Naik

Deputy Hotel Manager
Hotel am Campus in Ingolstadt

Franziska Naik,

born in 1984 in Ingolstadt, lives, loves, and laughs!

That’s not the only reason why she decided to become a hotel manageress. She loves being around people and it’s clear to see.

She completed her training as a hotel manageress in Ingolstadt. Following five years’ professional experience in the reception, bar, and banquet management divisions, she began travelling the world. Between 2010 and 2014 she took to the high seas, employed by the AIDA shipping company, and ultimately even served as an officer.

She has been happily working at the Hotel am Campus since May 2018, first as a Deputy Reception Manager and now as Deputy Hotel Manager.

During her free time, the owner of two dogs loves being in nature, spends creative hours in her own pottery workshop, delights in exploring foreign cities and meeting new people. Favourite quote: “If you carry the sun in you, it doesn’t matter if it rains.”

Kathrin Baier

Executive Housekeeper
Hotel am Campus in Ingolstadt

Kathrin Baier is the hotel’s Executive Housekeeper.

Even from an early age, she wanted to embark on a career in the hotel industry.

Once her school days were over, she successfully completed training to become a Hotel Manageress. At first, her path took her to the Bavarian capital for a few years, where she worked as a Housekeeper’s Assistant. Here she gained a wealth of experience in housekeeping.

The search for a new challenge is what led her, since its opening, to the Hotel am Campus in Ingolstadt. As a housekeeper, she is responsible for ensuring that guests have a pleasant stay as well as supporting and communicating with employees in her division.

Imer Zani

In-House Technician
Hotel am Campus in Ingolstadt

Dear guests,

my name is Imer Zani. I was born in 1970 and originate from Kosovo.

I am a father to four children and have been living in Germany since 1993. I have had various roles and have been working as an in-house technician in the hotel industry since 2015. Since December 2021, I have been supporting the Hotel am Campus. I’m very happy here and satisfied with all my colleagues.

During my free time, I encourage my children with football because this is their main hobby and it also gives me a lot of pleasure.

Sabine Braumann

Service Employee & Deputy Executive Housekeeper
Hotel am Campus in Ingolstadt

Ms Braumann was born in the beautiful Harz mountains and has actively supported the Campus team in various positions since the hotel opening in July 2018. What started as a cleaning position, has now developed into a position in the breakfast team while also supporting our Executive Housekeeper in the housekeeping division.

She particularly values the close relationship in the team and the interaction with guests. During her free time, she enjoys swimming and listening to music - and lives according to the motto “nobody is perfect”.

Fabian Mader

Service Management
Hotel am Campus in Ingolstadt

“A drinking vessel, as soon as its empty, no longer brings much delight.” (Wilhelm Busch)

That’s why I love my job. Good food and tasty drinks is what brings people together.

My name is Fabian Mader. I come from the heart of Bavaria. Ingolstadt. Following my training as a Hotel Manager, I tried my hand at retail for a few years, but soon found out that my true passion is the catering industry. Conversations with the guests and the freedom of creativity behind the hotel bar enable me to flourish. Tradition and my home town lie close to my heart.

Bilal Rihani

Hotel Desk Clerk
Hotel am Campus in Ingolstadt

Hello everyone!

My name is Bilal Rihani and I come from the magnificent Hallertau region, where hops originate.

I attended the state technical and vocational upper school in Ingolstadt. After three years’ training to become a Hotel Manager, I consciously decided in favour of this profession because I enjoy interacting with people of all ages and I consider this industry to offer the best foundation for my professional development.

Another great passion of mine is football. I’m currently acting as a co-trainer at the 1st team of FC Geisenfeld and am currently completing the Trainer B Licence at Oberhauching Sports School.

“Entering into a career that you love, starts with understanding what’s important to you. It’s often our own fears that prevent us from choosing the life and career that we really love.”

Mirana Trögl

Hotel Desk Clerk
Hotel am Campus in Ingolstadt


My name is Mirana, which means sun or rays of sunshine.

I was born and grew up in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Upon completing my studies, I left my homeland and my family and came to Germany as an Au Pair in 2012.

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the people and the country. And that’s why I simply stayed here.

. In 2014, I started my training as a Hotel Manageress in a 4-start hotel in Munich which I successfully completed. I’m proud of that because not only did it enable me to learn the German language, but I also found my passion and vocation.

I’ve been working at the reception of Hotel am Campus since May 2018. I’m a passionate host and try to fulfil our guests’ every wish.

I’m convinced: An open heart and a bit of patience are the key to success.

Olga Holzwert

Service Employee
Hotel am Campus in Ingolstadt

My name is Olga Holzwert and I live in Ingolstadt.

I’m originally from Kazakhstan and am a trained nursery school teacher. I have three wonderful children and five grandchildren.

My absolute favourite hobby is gardening, while also having a passion for baking and cooking. In my free time, of course, I’m also busy looking after my grandchildren.

Since the opening of the Hotel am Campus, I’ve been employed in the team as a waitress and am responsible for breakfast. I would describe myself as a very capable team player, hard-working and friendly and it goes without saying that I’m always available for the guests.

Marcel Kasak

Night Porter
Hotel am Campus in Ingolstadt

My name is Marcel Kasak and I was born in the Czech Republic.

At Hotel am Campus I provide for your welfare at night.

I am a qualified offset printer and after the training I gained a foothold in the automotive industry. This is the industry I was working in for the last eight years. However, this role didn’t entirely fulfil me over the long run, which is why I went in search for something completely different. I found what I was looking for at the Hotel am Campus. Here I support the team in my function as Night Porter.

During my free time, I enjoy sports and I am generally very enthusiastic about sport. I also like meeting friends for a round of bowling of billiards.

Vasilis Vogiatzis

Hotel Desk Clerk
Hotel am Campus in Ingolstadt

My name is Vasilis Vogiatzis. I was born in beautiful Greece and my home is the island of Lesvos. I already grew up with the hotel industry in a family-run hotel business there.

I’ve been married to my wife from Ingolstadt for twelve years and we have two children.

During my free time I enjoy being with family, going on excursions and devoting myself to aeroplanes (flight simulator VR).

Since Spring 2022, I’ve been supporting the reception at Hotel am Campus and am excited about fulfilling your requests and wishes in the best possible way.

Ammar Rihani

Service Employee
Hotel am Campus in Ingolstadt

Hello dear guests,

I’m Ammar, born in 1991 and come from the heart of Bavaria, the Hallertau region.

. In addition to my training as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, I work at Hotel am Campus as a bar keeper and waiter.

I’ve always enjoyed working in the catering industry, firstly because I delight in working with food, while I also find working with people to be very interesting and there’s always something new to learn. Another aspect that I value here is the importance of team work, which never ceases to enhance my life both professionally and personally.

Besides my advanced training and work at the hotel, music and art are my greatest passion. I’m also sporty, enjoy time in nature and like to spend time with my family and friends.

Ljiljana Petrovic

Assistance in Service
Hotel am Campus in Ingolstadt

Hello, I’m Ljiljana.

I live with my two children in Ingolstadt.

I successfully completed by training as an Office Administrator 15 years ago. After that, I was employed in customer service and complaints for a long period, which was a lot of fun, service is simply a great passion of mine. I was always employed as a waitress at the same time. Contact with people, customer satisfaction and a smile on my customers’ faces is what motivates and moves me. I’m a hostess at heart.

In my private life I enjoy reading, dance and music are my favourite hobbies. While I also like spending time with my family.

Isak Beka

Service Employee
Hotel am Campus in Ingolstadt

My name is Isak Beka.

I was born in 1972 in Kosovo, am married and a father of three children.

I came to Germany in 2017.

I’ve been working at Hotel am Campus since 219 and I’m very satisfied. The guests are friendly and the colleagues are all great.

My hobby is sport and I also like to watch football; I’m a BVB fan.

Lalithprasad Vijayakumar

Housekeeping- & Servicemitarbeiter
Hotel am Campus in Ingolstadt

My name is Lalithprasad Vijayakumar and I am originally from India. I am married and have two children.

I successfully completed my master's degree in hospitality management in Switzerland and started working in the hospitality sector in 2009.

I have gained several years of experience in housekeeping and property management in Switzerland and India.

I have been working in service and housekeeping at the Hotel am Campus since September 2023 and I really enjoy my tasks.